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PDR – Excellent Use Of Modern Technology For Dent Repairing

Unlike the typical automobile servicing stores, Dent Work want to make dent repair job easy, safe and fast for you. This is the reason we apply the technique of PDR or paintless dent removal. We have experts with experience in this kind of dent removal job.

This is an advanced process of removing a dent from the panel of cars without using any kind of paint. This process can be applied to treat a wide range of dent and dings on various types of vehicles. This technique involves no chemicals. We can restore the original shine and the pre-dent condition of your vehicle with the help of our advanced PDR technique. We offer this exclusive paintless dent repair service in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Why PDR Is Good For Your Car

Yes, there are other ways of fixing your dents but PDR is not only the most successful procedure of dent removal but also the most cost-effective technique to fix various types of dents, dings and hail damages of your car. When you avail the PDR service, you do not need to pay extra money for repaint your car. Thus, it saves not only your time but your money too.

How We Use PDR Method For Dent Removal

First, our PDR technicians will assess the location, depth and intensity of the dent on the car’s panel. To offer you the finest finish, they need clear access to the dent from all the sides. In such a process, we may need to remove some of the interior panels of your car. We may need to remove the door trims or the guard liners or the bonnet insulation to get that access.

Once that access is achieved, now our technicians start using special tools to push out the dent. This is a delicate process and high level of skill is required to perform the task perfectly.

We need to take care of the existing paint of your car’s panel and will never damage it during our dent repair job.

To perform this technique in a flawless manner, one must have enough skill, experience, patience and practice. Our technicians have all these features and ready to provide you with the best professional dent removal service in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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